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Table 1 Criteria for inclusion and exclusion of studies

From: Physical prognostic factors predicting outcome following lumbar discectomy surgery: systematic review and narrative synthesis

Inclusion criteria
Population 16 years or older, male and female
Intervention Lumbar and lumbosacral standard open discectomy or microdiscectomy
Single one level
Primary operation with no previous history of other lumbar spine surgery
Prognostic factors Intensity of back/leg pain
Pre-operative duration of back/leg pain
Healh related quality of life
Range of movement
Motor deficit
Sensory deficit
Walking distance
Study design Prospective cohort studies
≥1 year follow up
Exclusion criteria
Population History of previous back operation
Extraspinal cause of low back and/or leg pain
Trauma, vertebral fractures, arthritis or metabolic bone disease, scoliosis, spondylolysis, spondlylolisthesis, spinal stenosis or any other notable non-intervertebral disc abnormalities, trauma, rapid progressive motor deficit, cauda equina syndrome
Intervention Any other lumbar surgical management
Lumbar discectomy combined with other surgery
Study design Studies not published in English language