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Table 1 The clinical assessment contents and criteria

From: Reconstruction of iliac crest defect after autogenous harvest with bone cement and screws reduces donor site pain

Pain VAS Range of 0 to 10(0 indicates no pain, 10 indicates the worst pain imaginable)
Function disability Sitting up
Wearing a belt
Sleep on the operation side
Cosmesis of the operated side Range of 0 to 10 (10 indicates that the appearance is almost no different from the contralateral side. 0 means very bad)
Depression of the defect The same as the contralateral side (depression < 1 cm, normal)
Depressed compared with the contralateral side(> 1 cm, depression)
Surgical satisfaction scale Range of 0 to 10(10 indicates it’ s very satisfied. 0 indicates it’ s not satisfied at all)