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Table 2 Local lesions in 5 cases of secondary syphilis with femur involvement

From: The disappearance of femoral head and neck resulting from extensive bone defect caused by secondary syphilis: a case report and literature review

Authors Publication year Lesion sites Lesion depth
Rosa-Gonçalves et al. [31] 2017 Lower half of the left femur Cortical bone
Naraghi et al. [22] 2010 The distal right femur Cortical and subcortical bones
Coyne et al. [29] 2006 Lower half of the right femur Periostitis
Hansen et al. [26] 1984 The distal both femora The periosteum and cortex were affected
Siegel et al. [15] 1979 Lower half of the both femora Cortical bone