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Table 1 Patient demographics and fracture characteristics

From: The risk of violating the posterior malleolar fracture when nailing the ipsilateral concomitant spiral distal tibial fracture

Clinical characteristics n
FAR (%)a 19.06 ± 8.6
HP (mm) 33.38 ± 10.06
Incidence of displaced PMF (%) 25.45
Incidence of a “connection line” (%) 78.18
Mean displacement of the PMF (mm)b 1.50 (1.03–1.83)
Incidence of PMF violation (%)  
 S13 50.91
 S15 43.64
 S37 1.82
Distance from the nail tip to the PMF (mm) 4.29 (1.5–8.54)
Distance from distal AP locking screws to the violated PMF (mm)  
 S13 −7.41 (−13.07 to −5.17)
 S15 −6.34 (−10.53 to − 5.73)
 S37 − 1.18
  1. Posterior malleolar fragment (PMF), height of posterior malleolar fragment (HP), fragment area ratio (FAR), anteroposterior (AP)
  2. aThe values are given as the mean and the standard deviation. bThe values are given as the median with Q25 and Q75