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Fig. 4

From: A case of bilateral revision total knee arthroplasty using distal femoral allograft–prosthesis composite and femoral head allografting at the tibial site with a varus-valgus constrained prosthesis: ten-year follow up

Fig. 4

Surgical procedures on the femoral side. a Step-cut prepared distal femoral allografts and prepared composite distal femoral allograft with LCCK implant, using APC (allograft–prosthesis composite). b After extensive removal of the hypertrophic synovium of the left knee, extensive bone loss of the distal femur was observed and APC was fixed to the host bone with a Dall-Miles cable. c The right knee was similar operative finding to that of the left knee and APC was fixed to the host bone in the same way as the left knee

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