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Fig. 3

From: Bone mineral density at the hip and its relation to fat mass and lean mass in adolescents: the Tromsø Study, Fit Futures

Fig. 3

Femoral neck aBMD displayed as mean (g/cm2) at different lean mass-fat mass combinations for girls and boys15–17 years old. The Tromsø Study, Fit Futures 1. Each bar represent a sample size of 29 or more individuals, and all estimates are adjusted for age, height, sexual maturation, physical activity levels, calcium intake, vitamin D levels, alcohol consumption and smoking habits. Girls: FM low; ≤ 15.48 kg, FM med; 15.49–21.01 kg, FM high; ≥ 21.02 kg; LM low; ≤ 36.75 kg, LM med; 36.76–40.31 kg, LM high; ≥ 40.32 kg. Boys: FM low; ≤ 8.04 kg, FM med; 8.05–15.29 kg, FM high; ≥ 15.30 kg. LM low; ≤ 50.88 kg, LM med; 50.89–56.41 kg, LM high; ≥ 56.42 kg

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