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Fig. 5

From: Vertebral column decancellation in Pott’s deformity: use of Surgimap Spine for preoperative surgical planning, retrospective review of 18 patients

Fig. 5

A 36-year-old patient with Pott’s deformity. The patient’s main complaints were increasing neurological deficit and cosmetic issues. Pre-operative radiographs (a), CT (b) and MRI (c) show that the apex of kyphosis is located at T6-T9, The Konstam’s angle was 101° and the TK was 77°. The simulation of VCD osteotomy in Surgimap (d). The Konstam’s angle was corrected to 29° and the TK was 28° immediately after the surgery (e, f). 28 months follow-up X-ray (g) and CT (h) scan show a solid fusion

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