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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Living with ongoing whiplash associated disorders: a qualitative study of individual perceptions and experiences

n = 27
Mean Age (SD) 53 years (13)
Female gender (%) 63% (n = 17)
Mean Duration post whiplash injury (SD) 77 (15) months
Mean NRS- present study (SD) 3.8 (2.1)
Number of participants with minimal or no pain (NRS ≤ 2)-present study 9
Previous RCT data
Mean NRS- 12 months post RCT (SD) 3.9 (2.2)
Number of participants classified as responders at 12 months post RCT (2 unit improvement on NRS from baseline) 12
  1. SD: standard deviation
  2. NRS: numeric rating scale: 0(no pain) to 10(worse pain ever)