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Table 3 Questions about medications

From: “What say ye gout experts?” a content analysis of questions about gout posted on the social news website Reddit

Main sub-categories Examples of questions
Medication side effects “I’m just curious if anyone has had any bad experiences with allopurinol, or if there’s some side effect that I’m missing.”
Flares after starting urate-lowering therapy “Just curious as to whether this is common while taking allopurinol to be having multiple attacks?”
Decision to start urate-lowering therapy “Diagnosed gout last Sep, 3 flareups since. Didn’t take any meds so far, trying to be a father and worrying about impacts…... Should I take allporunol?”
Medications for acute flares in real-time “I have a prescription for chochicine that I have never taken. I’m waiting on the dr office to call me back but I’m wondering if anyone would start taking it at this point in the attack?”