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Table 2 Questions related to uncertainty about symptoms

From: “What say ye gout experts?” a content analysis of questions about gout posted on the social news website Reddit

Sub-category Examples of questions
Uncertainty about the diagnosis of gout “Is that normal for gout? Does it stay sore for months? Or should I have it rechecked by a different doctor to see if there’s an injury?”
“Doc says gout. I’m not sure. - What say ye gout experts?”
Atypical symptoms “Hi all, Is chronic pain in the toe joint a common thing?”
“Anyone ever had it in your lower back before?”
“Anyone else have gout flare-ups on the back of their heel?”
“Gout switching between extremities. - Has anyone else experienced this?”
Timeline of symptoms “What is everyone’s experience with residual pain/discomfort? (…) Can I expect things to slowly clear up as the days progress?”
“If I had one attack, will I always have them? Does it ramp up?”