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Table 1 International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) Hyaline Cartilage Lesion Classification System [23]

From: Examination of concomitant glenohumeral pathologies in patients treated arthroscopically for calcific tendinitis of the shoulder and implications for routine diagnostic joint exploration

Grade Subgrade Definition Characteristics
0   Normal Normal
1 A Nearly Normal Superficial lesions. Soft indentation
  B A + and/or superficial fissures and cracks
2   Abnormal Lesions extending down to <50% of cartilage depth
3 A Severely Abnormal Cartilage defects extending down to >50% of cartilage depth
  B A + Cartilage defects extending down to calcified layer
  C A + B + not extending through the subchondral bone
  D A + B + C+ blisters are included
4   Severely Abnormal