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Table 1 Results of previous studies

From: Risk factors for failure of revision total hip arthroplasty using a Kerboull-type acetabular reinforcement device

Authors Device type Cases Bone defect classification Mean f/u years Survival rate (loosening endpoint)
Ilyas et al. [5] Burch-Schneider cage 33 AAOS III, IV 6.2y 85%
Schlegel et al. [6] Mueller reinforcement ring 164 AAOS I-IV 8y 95%
Kerboull et al. [8] Kerboull reinforcement device 53 AAOS III-IV 13y 92.1%
Kawanabe et al. [9] Kerboull reinforcement device 42 AAOS II-IV 8.7y 67%
Baba et al. [10] KT-plate 18 AAOS II, III 5y 87.5%
Hori et al. [11] KT-plate 32 AAOS III, IV 10y 82.1%