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Table 3 Overview of analysis with examples of meaning units, condensed meaning units, codes, categories, sub-categories and the theme

From: “Take me seriously and do something!” - a qualitative study exploring patients’ perceptions and expectations of an upcoming orthopaedic consultation

Meaning units Well, it’s for them to say let’s do this and then you are good to go! Like waving a magic wand! Yes, he has a very important role of course, you put your life in his hands, or her hands Firstly, listen to what is wrong I think that one is highly participating considering that it’s my body and that it’s me who somehow decides if I want to do what they say or not You can see the x-ray, oh, there is a fracture here, let’s fix that. Or it’s narrow here or… well, now they have nothing
Condensed meaning units Want them to do something, wave a magic wand He has an important role, put your life in his hands Listen to what is wrong It’s my body, I decide what to do Can see what it is on x-ray and fix it
Codes Would like the orthopaedic surgeon to do some magic To put one’s life in the hands of the orthopaedic surgeon To be listened to I am participating, it’s my body X-ray makes it easier for the orthopaedic surgeon to know what to do
Sub-categories Hoping for some magic Trust in the expert To be taken seriously My body, my decisions Investigations get you better health care
Categories Hoping for action Meeting an expert Having a respectful meeting Participating in the consultation A belief that hard facts make evidence
TTheme Take me seriously and do something!