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Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of participants with knee OA

From: Understanding knee osteoarthritis from the patients’ perspective: a qualitative study

Code Gender Age (years) Years since onset knee osteoarthritis Employment status Household size Relevant health problems
M1_CR Female 60 16 Housewife Partner Haemophilia and Depression
H2_CR Male 84 14 Retired (building) Partner Silicosis, vascular problem in one leg
H3_CR Male 58 20 Disabled (graphic design) Partner Pain in lower limbs
H4_SA Male 85 6 Retired (factory) Alone (widower) Diabetes, bladder cancer (operated)
M5_U Female 66 16 Disabled (cleaning) Alone (divorced) Polyarthritis, anxiety
M6_U Female 62 15 Housewife Partner Polyarthritis, anxiety symptoms, high blood pressure
M7_U Female 67 5 Retired Partner Knee prosthesis, carpal tunnel
M8_VR Female 75 3 Housewife Grandson Knee prosthesis and breast cancer
M9_VR Female 83 <1 Housewife Alone (widow) High blood pressure
M10_VR Female 67 17 Retired Alone (single) Diabetes and depression