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Table 2 Items of evaluation questionnaire

From: A multimedia campaign to improve back beliefs in patients with non-specific low back pain: a process evaluation

1. How often did you visit the website? a 11. Did you find the links useful?c
2. Did your HCP recommend this website to you?b 12. How often did you use the exercises provided?f
3. Did your HCP discuss this website with you?b 13. Did you find the exercises useful?c
4. Did you experience any added value from the website in addition to the treatment you received from your HCP?c 14. Were the advices applicable to you?c
5. Was the information on the website clear to you?c 15. Did you find the monthly newsletter useful?c
6. Did you find the website useful?c 16. Did you use social media for this study, if yes, which one(s)?g
7. How many video-messages have you watched?d 17. Did the website contribute to your recovery?b
8. Did you find the video-messages useful?c 18. If the website contributed to your recovery, which component(s) was/were the most helpful to you?h
9. On a scale from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), how would you rate your appreciation of the video-messages?e 19. Would you recommend this website to others with back pain?b
10. How often did you use the links provided?f 20. On a scale from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), how would you rate your appreciation of the website?e
  1. aNever/Once/At least once per month/At least once, not every month
  2. bYes/No
  3. c No/A little/Yes
  4. dNone/One/Some (2–12)/All (12)
  5. e0–10
  6. fNever/Once/More than once
  7. gForum/Facebook/Twitter
  8. hInformation/Videos/Links/Exercises/Social media