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Table 2 Intra-rater reliability for CHD at 0 and 60 degrees of shoulder elevation

From: Is coracohumeral distance associated with pain-function, and shoulder range of movement, in chronic anterior shoulder pain?

n (87) mean(SD) ICCa SEM MDC95
CHD at 0 degrees 1.03 (0.26) 0.988 (0.982–0.992) 0.04 0.11
CHD at 60 degrees 0.94 (0.27) 0.989 (0.984–0.993) 0.04 0.11
  1. Intrarater reliability: ICC intraclass correlation coefficient (asingle measure), SEM Standard error of measurement-based on single measure ICC, MDC95 Minimal Detectable Change with 95%, CI based on single measure ICC