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Table 2 Study Outcomes and Outcome measures

From: Individualized patient decision-aid for immunosuppressive drugs in women with lupus nephritis: study protocol of a randomized, controlled trial

Co-Primary outcomes/ Time of assessment Description
Change in Decisional Conflict Scale (DCS) score [39, 4648, 64]/Baseline post-intervention 10-item patient-reported scale for lower literacy populations with 3-level response categories
Informed choice [40, 41]/Baseline post-intervention Concordance between patient’s values related to taking immunosuppressive drugs and  patients’ decision to start immunosuppressive drugs in those with adequate knowledge about immunosuppressive drugs
Secondary outcomes
 Control Preferences Scale [51]/Baseline post-intervention 2-item patient-reported assessment of whether the decision-making concordant with patient's preference about their role
 Interpersonal Processes of Care [45]/Baseline post-intervention 18-item patient-reported multidimensional measure of physician-patient communication
 Audiotaped Patient-physician discussion [56]/Baseline post-intervention Active Patient Participation Coding Scheme decoding speech acts indicating patient participation and whether physician communication was patient-centered