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Table 5 Success rate in stepped-care of trajectories consisting of one or two therapies

From: Towards an optimal therapy strategy for myogenous TMD, physiotherapy compared with occlusal splint therapy in an RCT with therapy-and-patient-specific treatment durations

Physiotherapy possibly followed by splint therapy splint therapy possibly followed by physiotherapy difference between trajectories
SR tr for m = 1 (patient %) 80.4% 80.4% 0.0%
SR tr for m = 0.5 (patient %) 65.7% 70.2% 4.5%
SR tr for m = 1.5 (patient %) 95.1% 90.6% 4.5%
  1. SR tr , success rate of a trajectory. A trajectory consists of a first therapy which is possibly followed by a second therapy if the first one is unsuccessful. SR tr has been calculated for the two possible sequences of physiotherapy and splint therapy, according to the stepped-care model (equation (6) in Additional file 1, ‘A stepped-care model including two possible therapies’), using the basic success rates of these therapies (cf. Table 2, at stage LM) and three values for the modulation factor m, which reflects the degree by which the success rate of the second therapy is diminished (m < 1) or enhanced (m > 1)