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Table 2 Outcomes measures

From: Taking ACTION to reduce pain: ACTION study rationale, design and protocol of a randomized trial of a proactive telephone-based coaching intervention for chronic musculoskeletal pain among African Americans

Construct Measure 0 mo 3 mo 6 mo
Baseline screening questions
 Race/ethnicity Standard measures of race and ethnicity X   
 Pain intensity/interference Brief pain intensity and interference scale (PEG) X   
 Ability to walk a block Single-item screening question X   
 Cognitive screener Callahan Measure X   
 Anticipated back, knee or hip or other major surgery in next 12 mo. Single-item question X   
Primary Chronic Pain Outcome
 Disease-specific functioning Revised Roland and Morris Disability Questionnaire (RMD) X X X
Secondary Chronic Pain Outcomes
 Pain intensity/interference Brief pain intensity and interference scale (PEG) X X X
 Emotional functioning Personal Health Questionnaire Depression Scale (PHQ-8) X X X
 Emotional functioning Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 item (GAD-7) X X X
 Overall improvement Patient Global Impression of Change scale   X X
Walking (mediator)
 Average daily total steps Pedometer data recorded over past 7 days on patient logs X X X
Utilization of pain treatment
 Use of opioid analgesics Prescription records from Electronic Medical Records X X X
 Use of opioid analgesics Survey items X X X
 Perceived satisfaction with pain care Single item assessing how patients rate their quality of pain care in VA over past 6 months   X X
Psychological factors (mediators)
 Exercise self-efficacy Exercise Regularly Scale X X X
 Pain management self-efficacy Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire-8 item version (PSEQ-8). X X X
 Pain-related fear avoidance Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FABQ) Scale 1: Fear-avoidance beliefs about physical activity X X X
Environmental factors
 Social support Social Support for Exercise: Marcus Social Support Questions X   
 Relationship Stress Life Stressors Inventory (LISRES-A) X   
 Neighborhood walkability Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS) X   
Healthcare Utilization and Provider Factors
 Experiences of discrimination Perceived Discrimination in Healthcare X   
 Mistrust of medical care Evaluation of VA Care scale X   
Sociodemographic and health-related factors
 Sociodemographic factors Standard measures of education, income, employment status, disability status X   
 Health-related factors BMI, use of walking aid, claim status, X