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Fig. 6 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 6

From: Prokineticin 2 antagonist, PKRA7 suppresses arthritis in mice with collagen-induced arthritis

Fig. 6

Comparison of cytokine gene expression in the joints of PKRA7-treated and untreated CIA mice on Day 35. a IL-1 gene expression was significantly less pronounced in PKRA7-treated mice (P = 0.0022). b IL-6 gene expression was also significantly reduced by PKRA7 (P = 0.0043). c TNF-α levels were numerically lower for PKRA7-treated mice but did not differ in a statistically significant manner from values for control mice. d VEGF gene expression was similar without regard to PKRA7 treatment. P values by Mann-Whitney test

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