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Table 1 Demographics of the subjects in the two groups

From: Comparison of the PEEK cage and an autologous cage made from the lumbar spinous process and laminae in posterior lumbar interbody fusion

Demographics Group A Group B p-value
No. of patients 35 34 NS
Age range, y 30–60 30–59 NS
No. of women/men 15/20 16/18 NS
BMI range, kg/m2 20–30 19–30 NS
Symptom duration range 9.5 months to 24 years 8.5 months to 24 years NS
Operated level, No.
L3-L4/L4-L5/L5-S1 7/19/9 7/17/10 NS
  1. Abbreviation: NS not significant
  2. P value was compared by chi-square test, except for age, which was compared by t test