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Table 4 Correlations between Reassurance Subscales and Satisfaction and Enablement Scales

From: Developing and testing a measure of consultation-based reassurance for people with low back pain in primary care: a cross-sectional study

  Total Satisfaction Score (CSQ) Total enablement score (PEI)
Sample 1
 Data Gathering, n = 156 0.71a 0.43a
 Generic Reassurance, n = 151 0.54a 0.42a
 Cognitive Reassurance, n = 156 0.80a 0.48a
Sample 2
 Data Gathering, n = 162 0.77a 0.43a
 Generic Reassurance, n = 160 0.45a 0.46a
 Cognitive Reassurance, n = 162 0.76a 0.52a
Combined Samples
 Relationship-building Subscale 1, n = 312 0.81a 0.52a
  1. acorrelation significant at p < 0.05