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Table 1 Criteria for including studies in the review

From: Multidisciplinary approaches to managing osteoarthritis in multiple joint sites: a systematic review

Population Adults aged 18 years and over with OA. The study population must have OA in multiple joint sites (at least two sites from the hand, hip, knee or foot).
Intervention Multidisciplinary interventions that target the NICE7 core treatments in primary care (“multidisciplinary” is defined as involving at least two different health disciplines).
Comparison Usual care, uni-disciplinary approaches, placebo interventions or no intervention.
Outcome Primary outcomes of interest were self-reported pain, function, QoL and health care utilisation.
Design The study population must form part of an RCT.
Population Inflammatory arthritis; surgical interventions, specified peripheral joint pain conditions, chronic widespread pain (CWP).
Intervention Non-randomised controlled trials.
Studies not published in the English language.
Comparison Surgical interventions.
Outcome No measure of any of the key outcomes listed in the inclusion criteria
Design Single discipline approaches