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Table 2 MRI Image Analysis – Classification of Pathology for definition of gluteal tendinopathy

From: Exercise and load modification versus corticosteroid injection versus ‘wait and see’ for persistent gluteus medius/minimus tendinopathy (the LEAP trial): a protocol for a randomised clinical trial

T2 Hyperintensity around Greater Trochanter (representing oedema/fluid)
Size (1) Tiny (thin slit of fluid)
  (2) Small (localized, mild distension)
  (3) Medium (localized, moderate distension)
  (4) Large (localized, marked distension)
Shape (1) Feathery
  (2) Crescentic
  (3) Round (distended bursa)
Location (1) Subtendinous
  (2) Intratendinous*
  (3) Subfascia lata
  (4) Superficial to fascia lata
Partial thickness tear Tendon irregular, thinned or focally discontinuous
Full thickness tear Discontinuity and/or retraction of the torn tendon from greater trochanter
  1. *Intratendinous high T2 signal considered as tendinopathy with a thickened tendon without any irregularity, tendon thinning, or focal tendon discontinuity