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Table 1 Cost valuation of FMS-related components of care

From: Fibromyalgia-related costs and loss of productivity: a substantial societal burden

Components of care Payers in the context of the province of Quebec Monetary valuation method and sources of unitary costsa
Hospitalizations Provincial public health insurance Self-reported number of visits were multiplied by the mean cost of an hospitalization/ED visit obtained from Health and Social Services Centres of Sherbrooke and Rouyn-Noranda
ED visits
Physician consultations Provincial public health insurance Self-reported number of visits were multiplied by unitary costs of a visit retrieved from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec Fee manual for general practitioners and specialists
Consultations to other health care professionals Variableb Self-reported number of visits and associated self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
Hospital, ED, and healthcare visits (Travelling) Patients Self-reported distances (kilometers) were valued using Revenu Quebec’s Rates applicable to the use of an automobile. When applicable, costs were estimated using the Quebec government’s Compendium of Tariffs of Private Transportation by Taxi
Hospital, ED, and health care visits (Parking) Patients Self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
Over-the-counter medications Patients Self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
Prescribed medications Provincial public prescription drug insurance or private drug insurers Self-reported medication use was valued using costs published in the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec Prescription drug list of medications
Natural health products Patients Self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
Medical aids Generally the patientsc Self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
Employment of domestic help due to health status impairment Patients Self-reported out-of-pocket expenses
FMS-related additional expenses
  1. aAll unitary prices represent 2009 values
  2. bFor the majority of health care professionals (e.g. massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, private domain physiotherapists), patients pay the bill with a possibility of reimbursement if they have a private health insurance. Some consultations (e.g. nurses, pharmacists, public domain physiotherapists) are not charged to the patients and are included in the public health care or community pharmacies services. Those costs were not considered in the analysis
  3. c With a possibility of reimbursement by the public or private insurer in some cases
  4. FMS Fibromyalgia syndrome, ED Emergency department