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Table 2 Rehabilitation protocol (identical for both groups)

From: Focal cartilage defects in the knee –a randomized controlled trial comparing autologous chondrocyte implantation with arthroscopic debridement

Rehabilitation phases Physiotherapy and activities Objectives Criteria for progression to next phase
Phase1: Accomodation Education/coaching Reduce pain and swelling No pain & swelling during activities of daily living (ADL)
Ice, elevation and compression Normalize range of motion Flexion 90°
Isometric exercises Regain quadriceps control Normalized quadriceps activity while walking (clinical evaluation by the physical therapist)
Range of motion
Gait training (no weight-bearing for two weeks)
Phase2: Rehabilitation Stationary bike cycling Recovery of full range of motion Full range of motion
Progressive knee and hip resistance training Normalize muscle strength No pain or swelling during and after training sessions
Neuromuscular training Dynamic joint stability during ADL Equally distributed weight on the lower limbs during weight-bearing exercises with no shift of the trunk (visually assessed by the physical therapist)
Ability to stand on 1 limb on a flat surface for at lest 10 s
Phase 3: Return to activity Knee and hip resistance training Recovery of strength and neuromuscular control Return to sport based on individual assessment
Neuromuscular training Return to activity/sport
Cardiovascular training