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Table 2 Results of the CTS-6 Reliability Analysis (N = 40)

From: Reliability and construct validity of the Spanish version of the 6-item CTS symptoms scale for outcomes assessment in carpal tunnel syndrome

Internal consistency. Calculated SEM and cross-sectional precision estimates for CTS-6 scores using Cronbach alpha coefficient and SD observed during field testing
Cronbach alpha coefficientSD of CTS-6 scoresSEMRange of cross-sectional precision of CTS-6 scores 95 % confidence level
0.810.680.3Observed score +/−0.59
Test-retest reproducibility. Calculated longitudinal SEM of differences (SEM diff) based on test-retest reliability coefficient (ICC2,1) and the SD of baseline scores
Mean difference score (95 % CI)a ICC(2,1) (95 % CI)a SEMdiffMDC (95)
0.09 (−0.07–0.26)0.85 (0.71–0.92)0.360.70
  1. ICC (2,1) Intraclass correlation coefficient: two-way random effect model (absolute agreement definition), MDC (95) minimal detectable change 95 % CI
  2. aMean difference between scores recorded in 2 successive administration times 1 week apart. CI = confidence interval