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Table 2 Postoperative Rehabilitation Protocola

From: Effects of initial graft tension on clinical outcome after anatomic double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: comparison of two graft tension protocols

Time Period (Postoperative) Activities
Immediately Walking (1/2 weightbearing) with an immobilization brace
ROM exercise (0°-30°)
Simultaneous quadriceps and hamstring (at 30° of knee flexion)
Leg raising
Reversed leg raising
Hip abduction
2 weeks Walking (full weight-bearing) with a functional brace
ROM exercise (0°-120°)
Separate isometric quadriceps (at 70° of knee flexion)
Squatting at 90° of knee flexion
Leg curl
4 weeks Walking
Half squat exercise (range, 70°-90°)
8 weeks ROM exercise (0°-140°)
Half squat exercise (range, 30°-90°)
Fast walking
Calf raise
Stairs exercise (walking)
12 weeks ROM exercise (full range)
16 weeks Isokinetic exercise (range, 30°-90°)
Squat exercise (full range)
Swimming (flutter kick)
20 weeks Jogging
Isokinetic contraction (full range)
9 months Running, hopping, jumping rope
Backward running, Carioca (lateral crossover)
12 months Competitive sports
  1. aROM, range of motion