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Table 3 Timeline of patient clinical history, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic programs

From: Arthralgias, fatigue, paresthesias and visceral pain: can joint hypermobility solve the puzzle? A case report

  1. Abbreviations: Abs autoantibodies, ANA anti-nuclear Abs, ENA anti-extractable nuclear antigen Abs, a-dsDNA anti-double strand DNA Abs, a-CL anti-cardiolipin Abs, a-B2GPI anti-B2 glicoprotein I Abs, ANCA anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic Abs, a-tTGA anti-tissue transglutaminase Abs, RF rheumatoid factor, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, EMG electromyography, NSAID non steroideal antinflammatory drugs, Complete blood tests refers to: blood cell count, liver and kidney function, serum electrolytes, serum protein electrophoresis, acute phase reactants, serum IgA, IgM and IgG levels, thyroid function, urine analysis; QoL quality of life