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Table 4 Stepwise logistic regression analyses comparing fallers (n = 119) and non-fallers (n = 82) on all predictor variables adjusting for agea

From: Foot and ankle characteristics associated with falls in adults with established rheumatoid arthritis: a cross-sectional study

  Odds ratio (95 % confidence interval) P value
Age 0.99 (0.96-1.02) 0.500
Vascular disease 3.22 (1.17-8.88) 0.024
Peak plantar pressure midfoot 1.12 (1.00-1.25) 0.046
(for each 20kPa increase)
Foot Impairment FISAP 1.17 (1.05-1.31) 0.005
(for each 3 point increase)
  1. aAssociations with P < 0.05 are shown
  2. kPa = kilopascals, FIS AP Foot Impact Scale Activities/Participation subscale
  3. Variables included in the model: age, pes planovalgus foot-type, tender joint count (lower limb), gait speed, foot problem score, hallux strength, ankle range of motion, peak plantar pressure midfoot, eyes closed AP sway, FISAP, disease duration, DAS28-CRP, DMARD monotherapy, combination DMARD therapy, number of medications, number of co-morbid conditions, vascular disease and osteoporosis