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Table 1 Characteristics of CLEAR II participants included in the study (N = 516)

From: Socioeconomic factors and self-reported health outcomes in African Americans with rheumatoid arthritis from the Southeastern United States: the contribution of childhood socioeconomic status

  Mean (SD) or Percent
  Participants (N)a
Demographics and lifestyle  
 Age (years) 54.7 (11.2)
 Gender (% Female) 89.5
 Currently smoking (%) 23.3
 Disease duration (years) 10.8 (9.5)
 Total smoking (pack years) 9.1 (16.2)
Current medication use (%)  
 Methotrexate or Leflunomide 63.6
 Biological agents 24.4
Socioeconomic status (%)  
 Less than or = HS 47.5
 Homeownership 56.0
 Parental education < HS 55.2
 Parental homeownership 43.2
Self-reported health  
 Fatigue (VAS cm) 6.0 (3.0)
 Pain (VAS cm) 6.3 (2.8)
 Disability (HAQ) 1.3 (0.7)
 Helplessness (RAI) 2.8 (1.0)
  1. CLEAR Consortium for the Longitudinal Evaluation of African-Americans with Rheumatoid Arthritis, SD Standard deviation
  2. aDataset restricted to the 516 participants with complete data on SES and covariates: age, sex, body mass index, disease duration, smoking status, current methotrexate/leflunomide use, and current biologic agent use