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Table 1 SpA classification criteria

From: The prevalence of axial spondyloarthritis in the UK: a cross-sectional cohort study

ESSG ASAS mNY criteria
Inflammatory spinal pain OR synovitis (asymmetric or predominantly lower limb) Sacroiliitis on imaging plus ≥ 1 SpA feature
HLA-B27 plus ≥ 2 other SpA features
Definite AS if radiological criterion is associated with at least one clinical criterion.
AND one or more of the following:   Clinical criteria:
 • Positive family history SpA features: • Low back pain and stiffness for > 3 months that improves with exercise but is not relieved by rest.
 • Psoriasis Inflammatory back pain,  
 • Inflammatory bowel disease arthritis, enthesitis (heel), uveitis, dactylitis,  
 • Urethritis, cervicitis or acute diarrhoea within 1 month before arthritis psoriasis, Crohns/colitis, good response to NSAIDs, family history for SpA, HLA-B27, elevated CRP • Limitation of motion of the lumbar spine in the sagittal and frontal planes.
 • Buttock pain alternating between right and left gluteal areas   • Limitation of chest expansion relative to normal values correlated for age and sex.
 • Enthesopathy
 • Sacroiliitis
Sacroiliitis on imaging:  
  Definite radiographic sacroiliitis according to mNY criteria. Radiological criterion:
  Active (acute) inflammation on MRI highly suggestive of sacroiliitis associated with SpA.  • Sacroiliitis grade ≥ 2 bilaterally or 3–4 unilaterally.