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Table 2 Incidence and adjusted odds ratio (ORadj) with 95 % confidence interval (95%CI) of disabling, non-specific low back pain with respect to factors in the final modelling (n = 615)

From: A screening tool for non-specific low back pain with disability in office workers: a 1-year prospective cohort study

Factors N Incidence (%) ORadj 95%CI P value
History of low back pain      
 Yes 484 51 (10.54) 5.31 1.63–17.36 0.006
 No 131 3 (2.29) 1.00   
Psychological demand (assessed by the Job Content Questionnaire)    1.08 1.02–1.15 0.014
  1. aFactors included in the statistical modelling were body weight, history of LBP, physical demands, and psychological demands
  2. bAll ORs associated with particular factors were adjusted for the effect of all other factors that were in the model