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Table 1 Criteria list for assessing the methodological quality of prognostic cohort studies on shoulder disorders

From: Pain intensity, neck pain and longer duration of complaints predict poorer outcome in patients with shoulder pain – a systematic review

Criteria   Score
Study population  
A. Inception cohort (defined in relationship to onset of symptoms) +/−/?
B. Description of inclusion and exclusion +/?
C. Description of study population +/?
D. Response >75 % +/−/?
E. Information about non-responders versus responders +/−/?
Follow-up (extent and length)  
F. Prospective data collection +/−/?
G. Follow-up of at least 6 months +/−/?
H. Drop-outs/loss to follow-up < 20 % +/−/?
I. Information completers versus loss to follow-up/drop-outs +/−/?
J. Treatment in cohort is fully described/standardised +/−/?
K. Standardised assessment of relevant outcome criteria +/?
Prognostic factors  
L. Standardised assessment of patient characteristics and potential clinical prognostic factor(s) +/?
M. Standardised assessment of potential psychosocial prognostic factor(s) +/?
Data presentation  
N. Frequencies of most important outcome measures +/−
O. Frequencies of most important prognostic factors +/−
P. Appropriate analysis techniques +/−/?
Q. Prognostic model is presented +/−/?
R. Sufficient numbers +/−