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Table 1 Exclusion criteria

From: Physical therapy vs. internet-based exercise training (PATH-IN) for patients with knee osteoarthritis: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

No regular internet access
Currently meeting Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines for Physical Activity [32]
Currently completing series of physical therapy visits for knee OA
Diagnosis of gout in the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other systemic rheumatic disease
Severe dementia or other memory loss condition
Active diagnosis of psychosis or current uncontrolled substance abuse disorder
On waiting list for arthroplasty
Hospitalization for a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, or had surgery for blocked arteries in the past 3 months
Total joint replacement knee surgery, other knee surgery, meniscus tear, or ACL tear in the past 6 months
Severely impaired hearing or speech
Unable to speak English
Serious or terminal illness as indicated by referral to hospice or palliative care
Other health problem that would prohibit participation in the study
Nursing home residence
Current participation in another OA intervention study
Fall history deemed by a study physical therapist co-investigator to impose risk for potential injury with participation in a home-based exercise program