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Table 2 Overview of the different surgical procedures

From: Arguments for the choice of surgical treatments in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis – a systematic appraisal of randomized controlled trials

Laminectomy, partial or total laminotomy uni- or bilateral hemilaminotomy medial facetectomy foraminotomy fenestration with undercutting decompression
Fusion promotors
Autologous bone transplantation allogeneic bone transplantation bone graft substitute(demineralized bone, ceramic extender, or bone morphogenetic protein)
Fusion technics
Anterior/posterior fusion posterolateral fusion circumferential fusion (360°, combined anterior interbody fusion and posterior fusion) ALIF (anterior lumbar interbody fusion) PLIF (posterior lumbar interbody fusion) TLIF (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) XLIF (extreme lateral interbody fusion)
Fusion devices
Pedicle screws and rods hooks and rods pedicle screws and plates anterior plates interbody cages for:ALIF, PLIF, TLIF, XLIF