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Figure 2

From: Differentiation of lipoma and atypical lipomatous tumor by a scoring system: implication of increased vascularity on pathogenesis of liposarcoma

Figure 2

Pathological analysis and evaluation of intratumoral vascularity. In lipoma specimens, mature adipocytes were uniformly observed without high variation in size (A, B). By contrast, adipocytes in ALT showed significant variation in size (C), and lipoblasts with cytoplasmic vacuoles were occasionally found around the thick septa (D). Septa in ALTs were thicker than those in lipomas, and vessel formation was observed both inside and outside of the thick septa (E). Vascular formation was found significantly more often in ALTs than in lipomas (F) (*P = 0.001). Original magnification, ×20 (E), ×40 (A, C), ×100 (B, D).

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