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Figure 1 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 1

From: Alterations in the vimentin cytoskeleton in response to single impact load in an in vitro model of cartilage damage in the rat

Figure 1

Photomicrographs to show the representative appearance of the vimentin cytoskeleton within each of the four scoring categories. Chondrocytes have been stained with monoclonal anti-vimentin antibody and visualized with an immunofluorescent secondary antibody (green). Counter stained with DAPi nuclear stain (blue). Chondrocytes with a normal cytoskeletal appearance i.e. lattice throughout the cell were scored as 0 (A), cells with a slight increase in immunofluorescent intensity of stain around the nucleus were scored as 1 (B), with a moderate intensity around the nucleus 2 (C) and with the stain entirely around the nucleus 3 (D).

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