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Table 2 Distribution of outcome measures according to the ICF components

From: ICF components of corresponding outcome measures in flexor tendon rehabilitation – a systematic review

Study Body function and structure   Activity Participation2
Adolfsson [28] • AROM (b710)   • Absence from work
  • Distance from the fingertip pulp to distal palmar crease (b710)   
  • Louisville (b710)   
  • Tsuge (b710)   
  • Buck-Gramcko (b710)   
  • Grip Strength (Jamar) (b730)   
Baer [30] • Buck-Gramcko (b710) • DASH1  
  • Quality of Composite Fist (b710)   
  • Paresthesia in finger pulps (b265)   
  • Grip Strength (b730)   
Bircan [38] • Buck-Gramcko (goniometer) (b710)   • Return to work status
  • Grip strength (Jamar) (b730)   
  • Key pinch (Baseline pinch gauge (FEI)) (b730)   
Friedel [23] • Buck-Gramcko (b710)   • Change of jobs
  • Sensitivity to cold (b2700)   • Restrictions at work
  • Sensitivity to changes in the weather (b279)   
  • Reduced blood circulation (b415)   
  • Pain (b28014)   
  • Paresthesia and numbness (b265)   
  • Strength (b730)   
Harris [39] • Classification of re-repair in excellent, good, fair and poor (not further classified) (b710)   • Occupation was recorded4
Ipsen [40] • TAM (b710)   • Period of unfitness for work (in weeks)
  • Lister et al. (b710)   • Change of jobs (due to severe reduction of hand function)
  • Distance from the pulp to the distal palmar crease (cm) (b710)   
Klein [32] • Strickland/Glogovac formula (b710) • DASH1 • DASH1
Langlais [41] • Tubiana's system (b710)   • Return to same job
  • Profundus tendon function (Bichat's "claw index") (b710)   • Time off work (in months and year)
Olivier [42] • Buck-Gramcko (b710)   • Work or school time loss (in weeks)
Riaz [29] • AROM (b710) • Difficulties with daily activities (simple questionnaire) • Difficulties at work (simple questionnaire)
  • Kleinert's criteria (b710)   
  • Scar sensitivity (simple questionnaire) (b279)   • Return to work status
  • Cold sensitivity (simple questionnaire) (b2700)   
  • Grip strength (Jamar) (b730)   
Su [31] • Strickland's revised score (b710) • DASH1  
  • Pain (verbal scale 0–10) (b28014)   
  • Swelling (in mm with circumference gauge) (in mm with circumference gauge) (n.i.3)   
  • Neurologic recovery (Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments) (b279)   
  • Grip strength (Jamar) (b730)   
  • Pinch strength (Jamar) (b730)   
  1. 1) The DASH Outcome Measure has recently been linked to the ICF [39] and was therefore only allocated to the components in the current table.
  2. 2) Work related information is not further classified because the methods of assessment were not further specified or not standardized, yet may be linked to d850.
  3. 3) not identified
  4. 4) Participation restrictions were not further specified in this study. Yet, due to the importance of occupational information for rehabilitation this study was included.