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Table 1 Hand specific data to be collected at baseline (Regional Pains Survey Questionnaire)

From: The Clinical Assessment Study of the Hand (CAS-HA): a prospective study of musculoskeletal hand problems in the general population

Concept Measurement method Details
Characteristic of complaint Hand dominance right, left, both
  Duration of hand problem years/months
  Hand problem in past 12 months*§ yes, no
  Hand pain in past 12 months*§ yes, no
  Side of pain in past 12 months*§ right, left, both
  Duration of pain in past 12 months*§ < 7 days, 1–4 weeks, 1–3 months, 3+months
  Most problematic hand*§ right, left, both
Hand pain, symptoms and physical features AIMS 2*§ [30] pain sub-scale
  AUSCAN*§ [34] pain and stiffness sub-scales
  In past month, severity of stiffness, aching, tenderness, weakness, clumsiness, burning, tingling, numbness *§ severe, moderate, mild, very mild, none
  In past month, days of joint warmth, dropping objects, frustration *§ all, most, some, few, no
  Hand pain lasting ≥ 1 day in past month*§‡ yes, no
  Painful areas in last month: hand drawings [31]*§ shaded areas
  Nodes: hand drawings*§ [32] circled joints
Aesthetics Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire§ [33] appearance sub-scale
Function AIMS 2*§‡ [30] hand and finger function sub-scale
  AIMS 2§ [30] arm function sub-scale
  AUSCAN*§ [34] physical function sub-scale
  Difficulty with usual activities: pick up coins, hold book, clench fist, self-care, open packets no, mild, moderate, severe, unable to do
Illness perceptions Illness Perceptions Questionnaire Revised (IPQ-R) [35] 9 dimensions: illness coherence, treatment control, personal control, timeline (acute/chronic), timeline (cyclical), consequences, emotional representation, identity, causes
Health care related to hand problem AIMS 2*§ [30] medication sub-scale
  Hand injuries ... ever yes, no: right, left, both
  Hand operations ... ever yes, no: right, left, both
  Consulted GP in past 12 months§ yes, no
  NHS and private services used in past 12 months§ (adapted from [36]) yes, no to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hospital specialist, acupuncture, osteopath/chiropractor, drugs on prescription, hand operation, hand injection, other
Occupational impact Excessive use of hands in occupation yes, no
Pastimes and hobbies Excessive use of hands in pastimes and hobbies yes, no
Impact of symptoms AIMS 2*§ [30] impact subscale
  1. *Also gathered at 18 months; § Also gathered at 3 years; Minimum data to be sought at 18 months and 3 years from non-responders