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Table 1 in – and exclusioncriteria

From: Design of Lamifuse: a randomised, multi-centre controlled trial comparing laminectomy without or with dorsal fusion for cervical myeloradiculopathy

Inclusion Exclusion
60 years or older Previous cervical surgery for myelopathic signs and symptoms
Cervical myelopathic symptoms and or signs at neurologic examination Solely radiculopathy, or most important complaint
Stenosis of cervical spinal canal at MRI Unable to undergo MRI
Lordotic shape at lateral cervical plain radiograph, or at lateral cervical radiograph in extension Life expectancy less than 2 years
Informed consent Other diseases interfering with neurologic symptoms and signs, for example spinal cord glioma, thoracic herniated disc with spinal cord compression, multiple sclerosis etc.
  Rheumatoid arthritis
  Trauma to the neck in history
  Diseases interfering with rehabilitation, for example severe cardiac congestive disease.
  Participation in another study