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Table 5 LBP management

From: The Prevalence of low back pain in Africa: a systematic review

Study(author) Treatment type Treatment reported
Omokhodion et al 200025 rest, analgesics 70% analgesics; 29% rest
Omokhodion 200226 analgesics, orthodox health care personnel, non-orthodoxed personnel, patent medicine stored, traditional healers, drug peddlers, rest Rest 80%; Analgesics 18% No treatment 42%
Omokhodion et al 200315 health practitioner, rest  
Igumbor et al 200331 rest, physician and other therapists  
Omokhodion 200416 analgesics, health practitioner, anti-inflammatory drugs, clinic, hospital, chemist Analgesics 61%; Seen medical practitioner 77%
Govender 200432 medication, rest, physiotherapy, hospital admission, manipulation, acupuncture, surgery Medication73%; Rest 59%; Physiotherapy 46% Hospital admission 26%
Bejia et al 200534 Physiotherapy, medical officer 32% had treatment (Medical officer or physiotherapy);
Bejia et al 200536 physiotherapy, self medication, surgery, rest, thermal water care Medication 42%, Physiotherapy 15%, Surgery 0.0002%