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Table 3 The area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for the DASH and the Quick DASH, constructed using the change scores for patients classified, according to their response to the global item about self-rated improvement in arm status after surgery, into "much better", "somewhat better" or "unchanged"; item administered to 82 participants.

From: The shortened disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand questionnaire (Quick DASH): validity and reliability based on responses within the full-length DASH

  Area under ROC curve (95% CI)
  "better" vs "unchanged" "much better" vs "somewhat better"
  (n = 65)* (n = 9) (n = 47) (n = 18)
DASH 0.81 (0.70–0.89) 0.71 (0.59–0.82)
Quick DASH 0.82 (0.71–0.90) 0.68 (0.56–0.79)
difference between DASH and Quick DASH 0.01 (0.05–0.07), p = 0.8 0.03 (-0.03–0.09), p = 0.3
  1. *combining patients responding "much better" and those responding "somewhat better" to the global item.
  2. The remaining responders to the global item were 6 with "much worse" and 2 "somewhat worse" responses.