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Table 1 Description of the most commonly reported back-related diagnoses among those who reported some type of back problem (n = 5450) in a cohort of young Swedish men. More than one diagnosis per person was possible.

From: Coping and back problems: analysis of multiple data sources on an entire cross-sectional cohort of Swedish military recruits

Diagnosis Number of individuals
Unspecified back pain 3553
Unspecified back disease 1171
Unspecified scoliosis 251
Lumbago (excluding sciatica and discal hernia) 156
Cervicalgia (excluding neck pain from discal disease) 98
Unspecified lordosis 44
Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis 41
Juvenile spinal osteochondrosis (Calve's or Scheuermann, excluding postural kyphosis) 28