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Table 1 Content of 18-month follow-up questionnaire

From: The Knee Clinical Assessment Study – CAS(K). A prospective study of knee pain and knee osteoarthritis in the general population

Concept Measurement method Details
Perceived change in knee pain since baseline Transition index [40] Completely recovered / Much better / Better / No change / Worse / Much worse
Knee injury since baseline Single item (adapted from [41]) Yes/No
GP consultation for knee pain since baseline Single item (adapted from [41]) Yes/No
Health care utilisation for knee pain Since baseline... Single item on services (adapted from [41]) In last month... Single item on oral analgesia§ (adapted from [41]) Single item on non-pharmacological and other§ Yes/No to physiotherapy, hospital specialist, acupuncture, osteopath/chiropractor, drugs on prescription, knee operation, knee injection, other Yes/No to ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin, coproxamol, cocodamol, dihydrocodeine, diclofenac, naproxen, tramadol, COX-II, other Yes/No to dieting to lose weight, specific knee exercises, topical, glucosamine/chondroitin sulphate, other
Coping strategies Single-item CSQ [42] 7 items rating diverting attention, reinterpreting pain sensation, coping self-statements, ignoring sensations, praying/hoping, catastrophising, increase behavioural activities on 7-point scale
Knee pain/disability Pain days in last 6 months§ Chronic Pain Grade§ [32] Bothersomeness of knee pain [43] WOMAC (LK3.0)§ [44] Symptom satisfaction§ (adapted from [31]) No days, 1–30, 31–89, 90+ days 7-item scale giving categorical grade I-IV 5-point Likert scale Pain (0–20), Stiffness (0–8), Physical functioning (0–68) subscales 5-point Likert scale
Bodily pain Self-completed manikin§ Pain lasting a day or more in last 4 weeks. Scored as 44 mutually exclusive areas + LBP, neck pain, and hip pain [45]
Hand Hand pain in last 12 months§ Bothersomeness of hand pain [43] Hand problems in last 12 months§ Bothersomeness of hand problems [43] Side of hand pain§ Duration in last 12 months§ (adapted from [41]) Yes/No within last 12 months 5-point Likert scale Yes/No within last 12 months 5-point Likert scale Right, left, both <7 days/1–4 weeks/>1 month – <3 months/3+ months
Hand physical features Single item on nodes [46] Hand drawing [46]§ Yes/No for nodes and knobbly swelling
Perceived general health MOS SF-12§ [47] Physical and mental component scores
Mobility Mobility limitation Preclinical mobility adjustment [48] Yes/No Yes/No
Anxiety and depression HAD§ [49] Anxiety and depression subscales
Demographic characteristics Date of birth, gender Current employment status§ Employed, not working due to ill health, seeking employment, retired, housewife, other
Narrative account Single item Open-ended question asking for an account of the course of knee pain
  1. §also gathered at baseline. Minimum data to be sought by telephone from non-respondents.