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Table 1 Treatment goals and techniques that can be used to reach the primary treatment aim.

From: Effectiveness of behavioural graded activity compared with physiotherapy treatment in chronic neck pain: design of a randomised clinical trial [ISRCTN88733332]

Treatment goals Techniques
relaxation and preperation for exercise - Massage
  - Relaxation exercise
  - Thoracal treatment up to thoracal 9.
  - Localized 3-d mobilization within physiological boundary of the joint capsule
  - Mobilization in al directions within physiological boundaries.
  - Traction within physiological boundaries.
  - Techniques of Mulliken excluding manipulation
  - Techniques of McKenzie excluding manipulation
Education Can take place at the same time as the first treatment target. Education includes patient reassurance; explanation of (physiological) load and capability of carrying a load; and encouragement of physical activity
Exercise - Passive exercise, guided active exercise, and active exercise
  - Exercise at the physiotherapist
  - Assign homework