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Table 3 Nerve-related genes with prolonged down-regulation after fracture in older rats

From: Altered mRNA expression of genes related to nerve cell activity in the fracture callus of older rats: A randomized, controlled, microarray study

GenBank Name Reference
L09119 C kinase substrate calmodulin-binding protein (neurogranin) (shown in Fig. 3) [89]
S77867 G coupled protein receptor UHR-1 (G protein coupled receptor 10) [90]
AF109405 GABA-B receptor 2 (G protein-coupled receptor 51) [91]
U08290 Neuronatin alpha (neuronatin) [92]
M15880 Neuropeptide Y (shown in Fig. 3) [93,94]
S56508 Fatty acid coenzyme A ligase, long chain 6 [95]
AF041083 RoBo-1 (Slc11a1) (shown in Fig. 3) [55,96,97]
X86789 Sensory neuron synuclein (gamma-synuclein) [98,99]
  1. Data presented as in Table 1. All genes are related to signals and signal receptors.