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Archived Comments for: Efficacy and adverse effects of intravenous lignocaine therapy in fibromyalgia syndrome

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  1. Re: pain management in fibromyalgia

    Margaret Moreland, none

    23 February 2003

    I am a patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the past 5 years. I have a background in medicine so I have done extensive research on my own in tandem with my own physician.

    I agree the FM is a combo of learned behavioral response to chronic stress and neuroendocrine abnormalities with an underlying CNS disturbance. I believe that the stressor that underlies the condition in my case was exposure to mercury in utero and then later to more mercury in amalgams. The mercury affected my ability to detoxify heavy metals. Hair analysis revealed a build-up of all sorts of heavy metals. Safe removal of amalgams preceeded chelation. Chelation with DMPS and follow up urine analysis for heavy metal clearance showed very elevated clearance of mercury, arsenic, lead with mercury being predominant. Ninety percent of the symptoms were reversed with the most obvious being anxiety. The most recalcitrant symtoms being pain and muscle tension and insomnia. Fibromyalgia needs to be treated with a multifaceted approach. Mineral stores need to be replenished as well as vitamins since there is an element of malabsorbtion. Mercury affects many systems and many levels. The most specific information was gathered using muscle testing using the Bioset technique developed by Cutler, an energy medicine technique using energy meridians and specially prepared "allergens".

    Usually patients with fibromyalgia have negative reactions to the energy fields of many substances. In my case autoantibodies to many of my own enzymes, proteins, etc. These erroneous "immune reactions" are cleared from the central and autonomic nervous system using non-invasive energy techniques. The substances that I had the most trouble clearing were lipoxygenase, cytokines, nitric oxide, and immune complexes. All of these can be linked to inflammatory response which when overactive can definitely be linked to pain. I am currently controlling the pain and stiffness very well with GABA and 5-HTP. It has taken me the last 5 years to address all these issues and my physician and I have been working closely on the many issues involved. She is treating many people with chronic disease and many children with autism spectrum disorder with much success. Hope this gives some insight to those involved in teasing out the many problems involved with fibromyalgia.


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