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Table 1 Content of trial questionnaires

From: Subacromial impingement syndrome and pain: protocol for a randomised controlled trial of exercise and corticosteroid injection (the SUPPORT trial)

Item Baseline 6 weeks 6 months 12 months
Shoulder problem
Shoulder pain severity today (0-10 NRS) X X X X
Global change [20]   X X X
Potential adverse events   X   
Side of shoulder problem (right, left, both) X    
Duration of shoulder problem X    
History of previous shoulder problems X    
Handedness (right or left) X    
Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) [32] X X X X
Effect of shoulder disability on typical everyday activities X X X X
Shoulder pain at night [33] X X X X
Psychological factors
Brief illness perception questionnaire [34] X X X X
Pain self-efficacy questionnaire [35] X X X X
Tampa scale of kinesophobia [36] X X X X
General health
EURO-QOL (EQ5D) [37] X X X X
MOS-Short Form 12 (SF-12) [38] X X X X
Other health problems
Pain manikin X X X X
Co-morbidities X    
Treatment experiences, preferences, expectations
Previous experience of treatment X    
Treatment preferences X    
Expectations about different treatments X    
Exercise adherence   X X X
Confidence and satisfaction with treatment
Confidence in treatment   X X X
Treatment satisfaction   X X X
Health-care utilisation
Consultation in primary and secondary care   X X X
Medication use (prescribed and over-the-counter)   X X X
Medical investigations   X X X
Hospital admission   X X X
Effect of shoulder problem on work
Current/most recent job title and nature of work X    
Current employment status X X X X
Work status including alteration in hours/duties X    
Work absence X X X X
Work performance X X X X
Stanford presenteeism scale (SPS-6) [39] X X X X
Receipt of benefits, if not working X X X X
Age, gender X X X X
Living arrangements X    
Height, weight X    
Smoking status X