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Table 1 Psychological intervention content for each contact with participants

From: Fostering autonomous motivation, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in rheumatoid arthritis: protocol and rationale for a randomised control trial

Consultation Contact Duration Behaviour change techniques
Baseline Face to face 60 mins • Elicit and acknowledge positive and negative experiences and emotions towards physical activity
    • Identify the patient’s knowledge regarding the benefits associated with increasing physically active behaviour specific to RA; gear discussions of these benefits to what is personally meaningful to the patient
    • Provide additional information requested by the patient
    • Encourage reflection on the links between physically active behaviour and personally meaningful life goals or events
    • Decisional balance
    • Patient centred goal setting
1 month Telephone 10 mins • Support attempts to change behaviour
    • Normalize failed attempts to be physically active
    • Problem solve to formulate strategies for enhancing self-efficacy
    • Elicit solutions to PA barriers
    • Revisit goals
2 month Telephone 10 mins • Encourage attempts made to be physically active
    • Brainstorm solutions to PA barriers
    • Discuss patient goals for last period of programme
3 month Face to face 30 mins • Recognise the internalisation of individual’s PA participation
    • Have patients verbalise feelings towards physical activity
    • Discuss plans to be physically active in the future
    • Information regarding where it is possible to be physically active
5 month Telephone 10 mins • Discuss successful and failed attempts to maintain PA behaviour post exercise-programme